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Логотип телеграм канала @wallet_news — Wallet News W
Логотип телеграм канала @wallet_news — Wallet News
Адрес канала: @wallet_news
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Wallet is a convenient and safe service to buy, store, and send cryptocurrencies.
Our community: https://t.me/wallet_news_en_chat

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2024-05-17 16:06:36 Over 200,000 users have traded Notcoin in Wallet so far, resulting in continuously high load on our servers. To ensure a smooth experience for all users, we have temporarily implemented a few changes:

● Withdrawals, swaps and Telegram transfers are temporarily available only for users with a balance greater than $50.
● Withdrawals from Wallet Earn are temporarily disabled, but you will continue to earn rewards.
● Transaction history (including Wallet Earn) is temporarily disabled. All pending transactions will be executed automatically soon.
● Please note that P2P and Wallet Pay are functioning without any changes.

All of these adjustments are temporary, and your funds are secure. We plan to gradually decrease these limits soon. Stay put for details on bonuses granted to all NOT users. These will be announced by the end of the week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding
434.3K viewsedited  13:06
2024-05-16 19:33:26 Dear Notcoin Frens, we've noticed your feedback about Wallet experiencing downtime during this crucial moment of Notcoin listing.

We understand that this has been frustrating for you, and we should have done better. The surge of users attempting to access Wallet simultaneously was expected, but it exceeded even our wildest expectations. Right now, our team is fully focused on enhancing Wallet's stability. Once we've completed these improvements, we'll offer a significant bonus to everyone who chose Wallet to claim Notcoin.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make your experience with Wallet smooth and reliable.
501.7K viewsedited  16:33
2024-05-16 15:34:19 Notcoin is live in Wallet and you all are so excited about it! With such tremendous activity, our servers are on fire

Our team is actively working on fixing
TON ecosystem is heating up!
505.9K views12:34
2024-05-15 14:13:54
Wallet Earn: 50% APY on USDT and a billion Notcoin

Wallet is currently offering two bonus campaigns for holders of USDt and Toncoin. You can participate in both simultaneously.

● Joining the USDT bonus campaign gets you 50% APY for the first two weeks and 25% APY for the next two weeks. Bonuses are credited in Toncoin daily, and the maximum deposit is 3000 USDt

● To participate in the second campaign, simply keep Toncoin in your Wallet bonus account. You receive 5 Notcoin daily for each TON held, which will be claimable once NOT goes live in Wallet. Deposit a maximum of 100 TON to receive 500 NOT daily!

We've provided detailed information on both campaigns here and here. Hurry up, as these campaigns are time-limited!

And if you don't have cryptocurrency yet, you can easily buy it on our P2P Market. Check out our guide on buying or selling cryptocurrency on Telegram
626.5K viewsedited  11:13
2024-05-07 15:03:30
Wallet in Telegram announces first contest for designers

Prize fund: Up to $30,000 in Toncoin
Deadline: May 19th at 23:59 Dubai time
Who can participate: Everyone

The Task: Participants are invited to reimagine the Wallet in Telegram main screen for iOS and Android. Your concept should maintain simplicity and align with Telegram's guidelines and aesthetics on the respective platforms.

Details: Can be found here

The grand prize is $5,000 (to be paid in Toncoin), and the winner may have the opportunity to join the Wallet design team or The Open Platform team.
219.5K views12:03
2024-05-03 18:04:04
100 Million USDt on TON

USDt-TON has reached $100 million in issued and circulating USDt in just two weeks, making it the fastest-growing USDt launch in Tether's history!

You can now send USDt to your contacts on Telegram for free, with transfers happening instantly. USDt can also be used to participate in the Wallet Earn program, which offers 50% APY for the first two weeks: Learn more

If you don't have USDt yet, you can buy it on our P2P Market. Check out our guide on how to easily buy or sell cryptocurrency on Telegram
232.3K viewsedited  15:04
2024-05-02 17:44:32
Something big is coming soon.
But it's probably nothing
785.6K views14:44
2024-04-24 16:43:42
Passcode in Wallet

You can now better protect your digital assets by setting up a passcode. This code will be required to approve any transaction in Wallet. Your passcode is securely encrypted and stored locally on your device for safety.

To create a passcode, navigate to the Wallet settings section and select "Passcode & Face ID" Choose a 4-character code and enter your email address for passcode recovery. For additional security, iOS users can enable Touch ID or Face ID. This feature will soon be available for Android users as well!
320.6K views13:43
2024-04-19 15:48:01
Token and NFT transfers in Telegram. Wallet users can now send tokens and digital collectibles (NFTs) from TON Space directly to their contacts.

You can transfer any token on TON Blockchain without needing to enter an address — simply select a contact, and TON Space handles the rest

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